12" Singles > Walk Into The Sun

Track Listing:

  • A1. Walk Into The Sun (extended)
  • B1. Lights Go Out
  • B2. Essence


  • Simon Denbigh - vocals
  • Cleo Murray - vocals
  • Tom Ashton - guitar
  • Laurence Elliot - bass
  • Dr. Rhythm - drums
Catalogue Number: VRB 2412
Label: Rebirth
Year: 1984

Notes: Limited quantities of the 12" came with a
free sticker, with the Walk into the Sun logo, and
"The March Violets . Walk into the Sun . 1984"
written around the edge. We've managed to find
a photo of it on eBay have uploaded it to the
Memorabilia section of the Image Gallery.

Walk Into The Sun - front